Fran Richards - The Face behind the Voice!

Fran Richards - The Face behind the Voice!

At University Fran's tutors frequently remarked on her 'Jackanory' voice and the fact that she was the only one who could make an essay on Theology sound like a children's story!

As you'll hear from the Collisionregs sample she can make difficult things sound simple, logical and very easy to remember! This skill was honed by three years as a teacher - which was where Fran's clarity of diction and ability to project her voice was put to good use.

After teaching she worked in marketing for five years and so understands the importance of language in selling. Fran has also taken part in amateur dramatics productions where a hitherto untapped talent at 'doing' a variety of different voices was discovered.

Fran is now in her late-forties and has a mature, though not old, voice which is suitable for a variety of voice-over requirements. Technical and complicated texts can be made to sound human, brochures and advertising copy made to sound inviting, and stories and novels of all kinds entertaining.

Fran is available to consider further voice-over or recording work. Contact her via our Contact Page